15 of the Best Fall Festivals in PA (Updated for 2023) (2024)

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Thanks to Pennsylvania’s varied landscape and diversity of trees, there are few places in the world that are better for fall foliage. And, for those that want to experience all the season has to offer, there are many great fall festivals in PA that are worth taking in.

While there are dozens of great events in the state during the autumn season, here are a few of the best that are specifically designed to celebrate fall in PA.

(Note that the dates listed here are for 2023 and are accurate to the best of our knowledge on August 11, 2023.)

Bedford Fall Foliage Festival – October 7-8, October 14-15

The Bedford Fall Foliage Festival is one of the largest fall festivals in PA and is now in its 59th year. Every October, tens of thousands of people venture to Bedford County to experience the beauty of fall in this part of the state.

The event is centered around downtown Bedford and features great vendors, live music, a kid’s corner, and an antique car parade.

More information can be found on the festival’s website.

After the festival, take some time to head west and explore the best fall foliage spots in the Laurel Highlands.

Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion – September 30 – October 8

Head to northwestern Pennsylvania for the annual Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion. This 70-year tradition brings almost half a million people to this corner of the state to enjoy the beauty of autumn. Over nine days, visitors can enjoy carnival rides, a parade, live entertainment, an antique tractor show, and more.

When it comes to Pennsylvania’s fall festivals, this award-winning event is something you shouldn’t miss.

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Find out more on the festival’s website.

National Apple Harvest Festival – October 7-8, October 14-15

Adams County, Pennsylvania, is the largest apple harvesting region in the state, so it makes sense that one of the best harvest festivals in PA would be held here. The National Apple Harvest Festival is held near Biglerville in early October and celebrates this delicious fruit.

Visitors can try a variety of apple-based foods, drinks, and products while on the festival grounds. There are also hundreds of other vendors, live music, and demonstrations.

Find out more at AppleHarvest.com.

This is also a great area to do some Pennsylvania apple picking.

Bethlehem Harvest Festival – October 14

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The Bethlehem Harvest Festival is held in the city’s historic downtown area and showcases the beauty of the region during the autumn season. While this area might be known as Christmas City USA, there’s a lot to love about visiting during the fall.

In addition to great kid’s activities, vendors, the popular Scarecrow Showdown, and a Biergarten, visitors can also stroll through the downtown area. Along the way, you can try samples of soup, wine, beer, and other delicious treats.

Find out more here.

Pennsylvania State Flaming Foliage Festival – October 13-15

The Pennsylvania State Flaming Foliage Festival is held every year in Clinton County. Now in its 75th year, this festival brings visitors to one of the most forested corners of the state to enjoy some of the most beautiful fall foliage in PA.

The festival takes over Renovo every October and features everything from a pageant to the largest parade in central Pennsylvania. And, of course, there will be vendors, live music, and great food.

Find out more on the festival’s website.

Fall Craft Days at Seven Springs Mountain Resort – October 7-8, 14-15, and 21-22

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Explore the beauty of the Laurel Highlands during Fall Craft Days at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. This festival is held during three weekends in mid-October and is a great way to explore the beauty of southwestern PA. During this fun fall festival in PA, visitors can browse over 100 vendors, ride the alpine slide, and enjoy live entertainment.

Visitors can also ride the resort’s chairlifts to the top of the mountain for amazing views of the Laurel Highlands in the Fall.

Find out more on the resort’s website.

Fall Foliage Weekends in Jim Thorpe – Saturdays & Sundays October 7-29

There are few more beautiful towns in Pennsylvania than Jim Thorpe in the Pocono Mountains, and autumn is the perfect time to visit this great small town. The community hosts one of the biggest fall festivals in Pennsylvania and really comes to life during weekends in October with live music, great shopping, and historical tours.

You can even catch a ride on a historic train through the region’s valleys or go hiking at nearby Lehigh Gorge State Park.

Find out more on the community’s website.

Dillsburg Farmers Fair – October 16-21

The Dillsburg Farmers Fair is one of the last PA Fairs of the season and takes place in mid-October.

Now in its 107th year, this fair features a huge number of events including a parade, antique tractor show, sports tournaments, a farmers market, and much more. Of course, there will also be live entertainment, activities for kids, and craft vendors.

For more information, visit the fair’s website.

Franklin Applefest – October 6-8

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If you love apples, you won’t want to miss Applefest in the northwestern Pennsylvania community of Franklin. This PA fall festival features lots of autumn fun for the whole family including more than 300 vendors, historic tours, eating contests, and a 5k race.

Of course, the star of Applefest is the apples, and there are a plethora of apple-based foods available for festival-goers. There’s even an apple pie-eating contest!

Find out more at FranklinApplefest.com.

Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest – October 7-8

The Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest has been held for over 20 years in Enola’s Adams-Ricci Park near Harrisburg. In addition to tons of pumpkin-related activities like pumpkin painting and a pumpkin whoopie pie-eating contest, there’s a lot more going on.

The festival has more than 250 vendors, an antique car show, kid’s activities like a petting zoo, and so much more.

Find out more on the festival’s website.

Conneaut Lake Fall Pumpkin Festival – October 13-15

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Conneaut Lake in northwestern PA is home to one of the best fall festivals in Pennsylvania, and there’s a ton of seasonal fun to be had.

During the event, there are many great vendors, an autumn parade, and live entertainment. And, don’t miss the fun Pumpkin Drop which will feature a 1,000-pound pumpkin being dropped from 90 feet in the air.

Find out more about the event here.

Wilcox Farms Corn Maze – September 15 – Early November

There are dozens of corn mazes in Pennsylvania, but I could find nowhere that had a larger space devoted to them than Wilcox Farms in Berks County. In fact, there are eight miles of trails through the 25 acres of land devoted to the multiple corn mazes at the farm.

In addition to what might be the largest corn maze in Pennsylvania, there are many other great fall activities going on at Wilcox’s. Visitors can pick their own pumpkins, go on a hayride, and much more.

Check out the farm’s website for more information.

Country Fall Festival in Zelienople – October 14-15

Zelienople and Harmony in Butler County combine together to host County Fall Festival. Visitors to this two-day festival can explore the area’s great history through historic tours and browse vendors set up in town.

For the kids, there are train rides, pony rides, and other great activities. Visitors will also enjoy the hayrides, a chili cook off, an antique car show, and much more.

For more information, visit the festival’s website.

Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad’s Fall Foliage Tours – Wednesdays-Sundays – October 1-15

Many excursion railroads offer fall foliage tours throughout Pennsylvania, but one of my favorites is the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad in northwestern PA. This train travels through the Valley that Changed the World and past the world’s first oil well.

In addition to the area’s fascinating history, the railroad passes through Oil Creek State Park, one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful state parks. This park features brilliant fall colors and offers a great treat for riders. For the ultimate experience, hop in the train’s open-air car to fully immerse yourself in the season.

For more information, visit the railroad’s website.

Great Pocono Pumpkin Festival – September 23-October 29

The Great Pocono Pumpkin Festival is one of the best things to do during fall in northeastern Pennsylvania. Held daily from late September through October, this is one of the longest-running fall festivals in PA.

Visitors can try to escape the corn maze, shoot the gourd grenade, see costumed characters, and more. Even better, there’s a ton of extra entertainment added on weekends such as carnival rides, laser tag, pony rides, and an escape room.

For more information, head over to the event’s website.

Looking for even more to do, check our favorite things to do in Pennsylvania in September and October, read about my favorite places to see fall foliage, or plan ahead for the best things to do in Pennsylvania at Christmas.

15 of the Best Fall Festivals in PA (Updated for 2023) (2024)
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