After Multiple Tragic Death He Decide To Become Most Powerful With His Skeleton Companions (2023)


After Multiple Tragic Death He Decide To Become Most Powerful With His Skeleton Companions



One day when the students of the Osaka High School were going on a field trip on the ship, the ship met with an accident and sank down in the sea.

All the students died in the accident, including our main character, amamiya hiroto, after dying, their souls went to the afterlife, but some of them still couldn't stop panicking.

The students, shimada and Minami tried to tell everyone they should accept.

What had already happened and remain calm.

Family was not happy after seeing naru's narumi, who had also died.

Even if he tried to save her sacrificing his own life for her in the process, everyone was sitting confused and in despair.

Then they all heard a Godly sound.

Coming from above it was the sound of God Rod Court.

He told everyone that they were the chosen ones.

Students were relieved to finally get some guidance from an angel.

Then Rod Court announced that everyone here would be granted a new special power, a new life and a new luck of their own.

Then they would be reincarnated in another place than the earth.

However, they still had the chance to choose if they wanted to be reincarnated into another world, with their memories intact or normal were born on Earth, with their memories wiped out.

Amamiya thought The Reincarnation thing wouldn't be bad and more like a dream coming true.

While there were some who wanted to be reborn normally, instead of getting any powers once the normal reborn cycle, ones went on, Rod Court started taking names one by one of those who will receive their new powers and reincarnate into another world.

He gave them one or three different skills and powers and passed them on to their new lives.

Amir recalls back to his life, which was full of difficulties.

His parents died when he was small and he had no siblings or friends either.

The worst part for him was having to live with his father's relatives, who won't shed a single tear if he died instead be glad to receive his insurance money.

He was glad to get this chance to get to have special abilities in completely another world with a normal family, but when Rod Court called out his name, another student with a similar name Amia stood up and went on to receive special abilities, amamiya hadn't known about this up till now and wasn't sure if it was possible, but on a closer look, the amia's appearance was even similar to his own.

The God gave him Eight Powers, which was far more than anyone else.

All students called it God's favor.

After all of the students, reincarnations were done.

God took a sigh of relief.

Then when he turned back, he noticed one student was still left, which was amamiya after Rod Court confirmed his name.

He admitted that he made a big mistake and gave all of the powers and Fortune to Amia, which were supposed to be for Amia.

Rod Court claimed that it was impossible now to take back amia's powers or to give him new ones.

Amamiya asked in confusion what this meant for him, to which Rod Court answered that now amamiya won't be able to receive anything or have any kind of blessings for himself, and he would have to live the worst possible way among all the other students.

Amamiya saw no use in getting reincarnated now and he asked Rod Court to let him reborn normally on Earth Rod Court told him that it wasn't possible.

Now, since the choosing time finished long ago, he was shocked hearing how miserable his life was.

Even after dying, he asked why he was the only one who got got nothing.

Rod Court told him that he would make amami his soul different his compensation and become a huge, empty core filled with an enormous magic power.

However, he wouldn't be compatible with any kind of magic in the world.

He will be reincarnated as The Reincarnation started, amamiya expressed his disappointment at having huge capacity but unable to use any magic.

Rodcourt felt sorry for him and told him that the journey ahead of him will be extremely tough.

His future would be limited as well as he would suffer far more insulation than anyone else, leaving him with nothing but utter despair.

Rodcourt tried to show optimism, but anime was pissed off by his bad luck just because of his fault when he reincarnated, he was being shocked by strong electricity to the point he fell down in pain.

It was a guard who did it warning him not to stand up against them.

The guard told him that the next experiment would be in 30 minutes, so he should prepare himself amamir remembered everything about how he died during shipwreck and was reincarnated in such a miserable life.

Because of some stupid God's mistake he was sent to the world called origin.

It was similar to Earth, but with magic.

Amami's current life's backstory is that he was born by a prostitute.

Then they sold him for money like an object and didn't care a bit about him.

After that he was purchased by a research facility where they could conduct numerous experiments on him.

They found out that Amia was unordinary among other test subjects, with no magic Talent.

He wasn't compatible with any of the seven magic elements: earth, water, fire, wind or light life space.

He was first thought as incompetent, but when they saw a huge magic Source inside his body, which put him at an advantage than others, they considered the possibility of him having a new element that hasn't been discovered.

Yet meanwhile, Emma Mia saw a rat lying on the floor and reached out his hand to check his magic and the rat got up walking.

Normally he thought it was dead, but when the scientists saw it, they told him that the rat was already dead, so it was not life-type magic.

It was how they found out that amamiya had the magic to control the corpses.

Researchers were Amazed by this discovery of new element to control the dead.

They announced that amamiya was the first deaf Mage in the whole world.

After some time they called out to amamiya from his confined space to have some talk.

They told him that it depended on his determination if he wanted to be used as a test machine.

Given that he would be provided some Freedom, he was interested in what Freedom he could get and go outside to which the scientists told him that they had high hopes for death magic.

So he would get some Freedom if he showed some results, after that he kept on training his magic and learning to develop new kinds of magic.

He believed everything the scientists told him to and put all his efforts into training, but the scientists were aware that he might become scarier by the time he would be able to control his magic more.

Both of his heart and brains were installed with bombs in case of any rebellious thoughts, and he also had small tracking GPS inside his body with an artificial right eye with a camera.

He was under all sorts of restrictions and supervision, but they still considered him a possible risk.

They came up with a terrifying solution later on and he was called to a room on a note that they'll be examining him, but the reality was much scarier and they tied him completely with constraints everywhere.

He got scared unsure of what they were exactly doing to him.

Many doctors came and started performing surgeries on him.

He suffered extreme amounts of pain during that and afterwards, when he gained Consciousness after a long time, he couldn't speak or do anything he could feel his body but not perform anything.

It was because the operation performed on him was to disrupt his ability to control his body and Magic, making it impossible for him to even move his fingers by himself.

He was like a living dead.

Now they had complete control over his body and they could continue their experiments without any worries.

Now, amamiya had now become just a puppet for them.

He was deeply hurt and felt despair that he couldn't do anything now, except waiting for his life to end the miserable way it started.

He couldn't take it anymore and started crying out for help inside, but everything was useless at this point and it went on for 10 years after 10 years, a new sign scientists came onto the experiment, team of amamiya.

At this point he was extremely frail and weak to the point.

His bones were visible.

The new scientists didn't care one bit about him, just like the others.

He just wanted to uncover the mystery behind a new type of magic and surpass his predecessors.

Familia couldn't do anything at all.

There were some Spirits in front of him.

They asked about his well-being.

He didn't consider it worthy to answer them, though he noticed the new scientists and hoped his methods would be somewhat better than the others.

He could talk to the spirits and told them that they wouldn't understand how rotten these people were and they ran countless experiments which weren't just painful but unbearable.

The spirits felt bad about not being able to help him to which he told them not to worry, since being able to communicate with someone in this place was good enough for him.

If he didn't have those spirits around to talk to his mind would have gone insane long ago.

These Spirits thanked him for helping them calm themselves, since they still couldn't reincarnate till now.

He knew it was because of his death magic that he could see and attract Spirits.

The spirits told told him that they wanted him to break out of here, but they didn't have any means to dammamir, recalled his happy old memories of his classmates and hoped that they would come and get him out of there.

But no one ever came after a month.

The new scientists still couldn't make any progress.

He blamed it on amamiya and hit him hard in the face and went insanely mad at him.

The spirits asked if he was okay, but he was hurting in the face like hell.

The scientists thought of going all out and increased the test to the max limit.

Mamma Mia underwent extreme pain and the spirits tried to stop the machine to save him, but they couldn't even touch anything.

The spirit said sorry to him and he was done.

He started releasing an insane amount of magic and it kept on increasing to the point that it was 10 times more powerful than the current most powerful Mage in the world.

After continuous release of magic, it suddenly dropped to zero amamiya stopped responding and he eventually died.

The scientists noticed he died and got terrified of losing his research subject.

Holding his head, then more magic started coming out from amamiya's body.

You was exciting at first for the scientists, but then amamir reached out his hands and strangled the scientists to death.

His eyes turned dark and he finally got back full control of his body.

He stabbed through the scientist's body with his bare hands.

Then he went on further to the other room.

Other scientists couldn't believe it and never expected this to happen.

Amamiya was full of anger, hatred and sentiments of Revenge towards everyone.

All he was thinking about.

Right now was to kill everyone.

He kept running around killing everyone one by one and couldn't feel any pain from their weapons.

Since his body was already dead, family had died and then his soul gained complete control of his body.

He had intentionally turned himself into an undead expressing his unbelievable Powers.

He killed all of them ruthlessly and went on a rampage.

He kept killing everyone.

He confronted along the way with his magic.

It felt great to him.

After having full control of his powers and body.

He found out that there were other survivors just like him, and the researchers were trying to create another death Mage like himself.

All of them were just like him and couldn't move their bodies, move their bodies.

Amamiya used his magic and freed everyone to be able to control their bodies.

He guided them to the outside and warned them.

There could be more enemies ahead when he reached the exit he saw all of his classmates stationed outside.

He was happy thinking.

They'd finally come to save him, even if they were late, but to his shock, everyone geared up and attacked amamiya mercilessly without any delay.

He couldn't understand why they would attack him.

All of them were sent here being informed that an incredibly powerful Undead had broken out.

They came to kill the undead which went on a rampage.

They managed to kill amamiya just because he let his guard down around them.

Narus came in and said how disgusting the death magic was as it single-handedly wiped out entire staff members in the lab, then another figure came who was Amia hiroto the one who got all the powers which were supposed to be for Amia hiroto narus anemia together destroyed the body of Amia.

He couldn't help but get raged on the other Amia and all the students for that he wanted to kill all of them and would never forgive them.

Even if you would be reincarnated after he passed, he met the god Ron court again.

He expected him to not.

Last long amamiya was angry and tried to punch the God, but couldn't even touch him.

He took out all his anger on the God for sending him to a life like that in the first place and putting him into an even more terrible nightmare than his previous life.

The god admitted that he did a horrible thing to him and for that he can let him live happily in the next life.

The next life would be in a place called Lambda.

He would be reincarnated there earlier than everybody else, but he wanted to kill all of them.

He desperately asked God to Grant Him special abilities now, since he couldn't mistake, someone else for him right now, the god declined to give him any power and started his reincarnation.

Just like that saying that he couldn't allow amamiya to murder.

Other classmates God told him that Lambda was a place behind in development compared to others and wanted Amia to contribute towards improving it with his own hands.

God instructed him to see it as a training period.

Amamiya just went through hell and was now being sent to the next World.

The god expressed, addressed his gratitude towards amamiya for developing A New Kind of Magic, hoping he could forgive him for not giving him proper compensation.

Amamiya's anger only grew on God's words, and he said he would never forgive him, but the God gave him a curse which could never be broken, hoping for Amia to give up on his revengeful thoughts and choose the best way to end his next life, promising that all of his pain would be ridden of in his next.

Fourth, life and return him to his normal reincarnation cycle to Earth, as amamiya went on to be reincarnated third time he woke up hearing a woman's voice, calling him Vandal you he was born as a baby in this lifetime.

He tried to understand things around him.

He assessed that this place was called Lambda and the woman in front of him was his mother in this life.

He liked being called Vandal you, which was better than being recognized through a code name like his previous life.

He noticed his skin color was different from his mother's.

It was because he inherited the color of his skin from his father in this world.

There were many races among which his mother darsha was a dark elf and he wondered what his father's race would be.

She pampered Vandal you with a lot of love and he liked it.

She gave him compliments when she saw he could sit on his own.

She would always say he was a lot like his father, which made him more curious to know about him.

Since he didn't have anyone in his previous life.

He never received any compliments and getting them from his mother.

Darsha made him feel good.

He tried to crawl to be complimented more but failed since his baby muscles were yet to grow that much.

She started to wonder what his status would look like since he was smart.

He heard her and tried to check it.

Suddenly the status window popped out in front of his face and he checked his current stats.

He got to know that his father was a vampire and his race was called dampier, a half-blooded branch of the vampire race.

After knowing these things, he understood why the place around him looked like a cave and there haven't been any visitors ever since he was born.

He was everyone's Target since he bore the blood of a vampire and his mother did her best trying to protect him from everyone.

He guessed since he never saw his father, then he might not be alive anymore.

He was surprised when he saw saw his magic, which was 1 billion points.

He tried to use his death magic, but couldn't because he was still just a child, then he noticed the other thing, which was the curse placed upon him, making him unable to use experience points from his previous life.

Nor could he earn experience in this life either.

He didn't give up and plan to learn more types of magic.

This time, then he felt hungry and darsha breastfeed him, which felt very awkward to him since inside his mind, was of an adult later on.

When his fangs started to grow, she took out a rabbit which she found when hunting out earlier she held the rabbit's legs and chopped off its head.

She collected the blood in a plate and served it to Vandal you.

He didn't like the smell of blood at first and thought.

It was weird to give a small infant animal blood to drink.

She started looking at him with concerned eyes.

Then he felt obligated to drink it.

Then he actually found the blood to be unexpectedly delicious, even though he still wasn't used to the stench of it.

She told him that he could use blood as food since he was a vampire, but it wasn't necessary to drink it daily.

He could notice that her mother would have lived a a better life if she had gotten rid of him, but he couldn't feel any thought of that kind.

In her mind, not even once when she was trying to take care of the insects Vandal, you used his magic to deal with it gaining an ability called microorganism elimination.

She called him a genius for being able to use magic like that at such a young age and praised him making him feel good for making her proud of him, but he still had the revengeful thoughts for others.

Then he felt that God's decision to send him here to develop Lambda was reasonable compared to taking Revenge.

He knew that, even if he found a way to resist the curse, God would send others here to get him killed again and fighting them was inevitable.

Darsha tried to tickle him to make him laugh, but he couldn't cry or laugh as it was a part of the curse, but he felt relaxed upon hearing how much she loved her child.

Next day.

She took him to the gate and checked if he was resistant to the sunlight or not.

She was glad he didn't had a vampire's weakness.

However, he would still be everyone's Target in the outside world.

Then she took him outside to get him some fresh air.

He remembered how he was always can find in a closed space in previous life, but now, when he saw the outside world, the sunlight, trees, Birds, sky and weather felt so good to him that he started crying darsha held him closer telling it's all right and he could come back to her hometown, dark elf Village and he would be free to do anything.

He kept crying in happiness and loved.

How nice and kind his mother darsha was now to him the curse of not being able to show emotions was more painful than he expected.

He felt that if she stayed with him, then she was sure to be in danger.

So when the time came, he would tell her everything, even if it meant to live away from her.

He wanted to keep living like this with her and to spend a happy life with her.

He didn't want a fourth life, remembering what God said he didn't want to die in this life and just wanted to live with his mother till the end of this life.

Next day she told him that she had to go out for a while, so wait for him.

He usually used to practice death magic secretly to prepare for his life here, but after she left today, she never came back no matter how long he waited for her.

He slept and when he saw around the next day his mother darsha still wasn't home.

He thought of going outside to check, or else he would die of starvation.

At this point, he used deaf Magic on the rabbit he could use an undead summoning magic to grab Spirits circling nearby and put them into a corpse, but at his current level, all he could do was move them around.

He used his magic on many things and the house then drank the rabbit, blood and prepared to head outside.

He came out in a baby swing box carried by some skeleton soldiers.

He formed a small army of his own to head out and used insects to gain information about his surroundings and with its help he managed to reach the town.

He saw the guard stationed at the gates and if he led the monsters there, then he would be in trouble.

He went forward with the skeleton monkey and told others to stay out until he signals them.

He went around the wall and used death Magic on one of the bricks to make a small hole in the wall for him he got inside the town that way and spread out his insects to gather all the information they could find about his mother.

He soon confronted a human soul and asked if he had seen a dark elf with blonde and long hair.

The soul told him she was in the town square and he hurriedly rushed towards it there.

He found his mother, but in the form of a soul, he was shocked to see his mother passed away and couldn't believe how it happened.

Darsha could hear vandelier's voice since he could talk to the dead Spirits.

He was extremely sad and asked for what happened to hear.

She told him that she was trying to hide him in the elf Village, but the church found out about her and they surrounded her as soon as she came in here.

He understood that they afterwards surely killed her when he could see the wounds and injuries on her body.

She asked him to leave right away, since the color of his eyes would give away his identity as dampier.

He didn't want to run away and used his death magic mesmerizing to make her answer.

Who are the ones who killed her? She started telling him about how she got ambushed by the baronet bisterro's men, together with some priests and some adventurers hired to Hunter.

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