Buffalo Pt. 2 To Be Continued (2023)


Topps Connections
The founder of Tops Armand J. Castellani. Was born 6/5/1917. 5/14/2022. That’s 104 years. 10 killed on a 14th date. 9 days 11 months

Top’s supermarket was found by Armand J. Castellani.
He died on 1/31/2002. This shooting took place in 2022. Hour’s separating is 177,792. Buffalo is 7 characters.

Top’s Supermarket filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 2/21/2018-5/14/2022. That’s a separation of 2,221,920 minutes. Buffalo was found 221 years ago. 221 read backwards is 122. Illuminati found 122nd day of the year.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tops_Friendly_Markets. Tops announced plans to merge with a new parent company on 2/8/2021-5/14/2022. That’s exactly 6 days 66 weeks between dates.

On 6/1/2007. Tops purchased a Lancaster Warehouse. From 6/1/2007-5/14/2022. Separation of 14 years. 11 months. 12 days.
Shooting occurred 14th date. New York the 11th state. of the 1200 block. Buffalo PD received 1.3K likes on its twitter post about it. 13 people were shot.

Top’s Supermarket has 14,000 employees.
Shooting took place on the 14th.
Shotgun was used. Shotgun to numbers is 104.
Shooting took place on the 14th.
Hunting Rifle was used. Hunting Rifle to numbers is 143.
Shooting took place on the 14th.
Shooter is Peyton S Gendron= 14 characters long.

Number 18 Connections. Shooter: Peyton S. Gendron. Age: 18.
Peyton S. Gendron letters to numbers is 187.
187= Police Code: Murder/Homicide

Details: Ten People (Killed).
Ten People letters to numbers is 108.
The shooter was 18. From Conklin New York.
Conklin New York to numbers is 189.
Tops closed 10 locations on 8/30/2018. Mass Shooting= 10 killed.
2018- Shooter was 18 yrs old.
Buffalo PD tweeted this at 2:26. Add the times of each minute
200+201+202+203 all the way to 2:26 and you will see 5,751.
(5+7+5+1= 18.) Shooter is 18 years old.

All Victims killed letters to numbers comes to a combined 1,584. (1+5+8+4= 18). Shooter was exactly 18 years old.

1,584+ 187-Peyton S. Gendron to numbers. = 1,771. 1 of those who died was exactly 77yrs old. Shooting location NY the 11th state.
Now take 1771 + the victims ages.
So, 1,771+32+52++53+55+62+65+67+72+77+76= 2,392.
Buffalo Police Department= 239

Buffalo Connections
Shooting Location: Buffalo New York.
Buffalo was found in 1801. 2022-1801= 221.
221 read backwards is 122- Illuminati Day #.
Shooting happened on the 1200 block. Illuminati letters to #’s= 120.

Part of the War of 1812 took place in Buffalo. From the start of the war 6/18/1812-5/14/2022. That’s 76,665 days. 10 months between dates.
10 killed.

On 12/31/1813-Buffalo was burned by the British. 5/14/2022.
Separation of 76,104 days. 10 were killed on the 14th.

From the date Buffalo was incorporated on 4/20/1832-5/14/1832.
Separation of 666 in hours. 999 in minutes. 999 turned over is 666.
23 days between dates. Time: 2:30-2:36.

Buffalo Canal opened on 10/26/1825-5/14/2022.
Separation of 71,787 days. 777.
With 196 years, 6 months, 17 days between. (7-1= 6) 666.
10,255 weeks. 10 were killed. 2358 months. Time: 2:30-2:36.

Buffalo PD received 1.3K likes on its post about the shooting.
13 were shot.


Okay, this is uh part two for yesterday's video that the number diamonds has for you tops connections was just the store of the shooting the founder armand.

This guy was born 6'5 1917, here's a website you can go and check it out.

It'll tell you what day he was born the date he died.

You will have 104 years.

10 were killed on a 14th date with 9 days and 11 months between the dates.

Here's check this out.

104 years, 11 months, 9 days same guy, he died on 131 of 2002.

The shooting took place in 2022 the founder died in 2002.

You can see the matching 202.

777 show up in hours.

Buffalo is seven characters.

Long tops supermarket, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on 221, 2018.

Here's, the separation buffalo was found 221 years ago.

221 one read backwards is one two two illuminati found on 122nd day of the year so go here, so you can see how the number of domis finds some of his information see two way they merged here's another one that the number down this has for y'all somewhere around here, we'll come back to it.

You'll see it tops, announced plans to merge with the new parent company on 2-8 2021., so go back to this there.

It is 2-8 2021 plans to merge and again that was the bankruptcy right there on 221.

So you can see they're right under top and bottom they're right on the same screen, 6 days and 66 weeks between the dates.


It is six days 66 weeks, 666 on 61 2007 tops purchased.

A lancaster warehouse from 6-1 2007 to the date of the shooting.

Separation is 14 years, 11 months and 12 days, shooting on the 14th date new york, the 11th state of the 1200 block the buffalo pd received 1.3 000 likes on its twitter post about the shooting 13 people were shot here is the buffalo police department's original tweet that came on the date of the shooting one, three, seven, seven, the ending two numbers 77.

Now there was exactly a 77 year old that got shot in the shooting and died top supermarket has 14 000 employees, 14 000 employees shooting took place on the 14th.

A shotgun was used, shotgun to numbers, 104 shooting took place on the 14th 104, a hunting rifle was used.

143 shooting took place on the 14th.

He was in military gear.

13 total got shot the shooter peyton s, gendron 14 characters long just to clarify this.

His name peyton is spelled with an a, not an e.

That is a very easy mistake to be made payton, it's p a y, not p e y.

That's a very common mistake.

So make sure you look this guy up know that his the second letter in the name is an a and it's not an e, because the numbers will be completely different if you get that wrong.

Here are your 18 connections, the shooter peyton eskendron was 18 years old, payton s, gendron to numbers, 187 police code for murder and homicide 187, see where I said, make sure you spell his name right.

So you can see.

The numbers are different.

If you spell it with the e, but remember his name is spelled with an a one, eight seven again.

This is how his name is spelled matching 187 10 people killed, 10 people, letters to numbers is 108., 108 shooter was 18 years old.

The shooter was 18 from conklin new york, conklin new york, letters to numbers, 189 shooter was 18 years old, tops closed 10 locations on 8, 30 2018 mass shooting 10 were killed, 2018, the shooter was 18 years old, buffalo pd tweeted this at 2 26.

Here's, the original, tweet 2 26, add the times of each minute up to 226 and you will see it equals 5751, 5, plus 7, plus 5 plus 1 is 18.

The shooter is 18 years old.

All victims killed in the shooting letters to numbers comes to a combined 1584.

out of respect for those killed in the shooting.

The number thomas is not going to specifically talk about the names of the victims.

If you want to look up the names of the victims, please do so on your spare time.

1584 plus the shooters named the numbers.

187 equals 1771.

One of those who died was exactly 77 years old, shooting location, new york, the 11th state take 1771 plus the victims ages.

Here are the ages of all the victims who died.

You will get 2392 buffalo police department, 239 to numbers, buffalo connection, shooting location, buffalo new york, buffalo was founded, 1801 2022-1801 is 2-2-1.

The illuminati was found on the 122nd day of the year.

221 backwards is one two two: the shooting happened on the 1200 block.

Illuminati letters to numbers, 120.

part of the war of 1812, took place in buffalo from the start of the war 6 18 1812.

By the way the shooter was 18 years old shooting occurred on the 1200 block, 5 14 2022 76 665 days 10 months between the dates 10 were killed.

Here it is so you can see this 666.

12 31, 1813 buffalo was burned by the british 514 2022 created a separation of this.

The ending three numbers in days is 104.

The illuminati was found in 1776 10 were killed on the 14th from the date buffalo was incorporated on 4 20 1832 to the date of the shooting.

There's a separation of 666 in the hours 999 in minutes.

999 turned over is 666.

999 is the devil's who we say this as it is their probable deniability of the demonic number pattern of 666.

six, six, six, nine nine nine 23 days the shooting started at 2, 30.

buffalo canal opened on 10 26, 18 25 days of the shooting has 777 inside the days with 196 years, 6 months and 17 days between 7 minus 1 is 6 to create 666 thousand two.

Fifty five weeks ten were killed.

Twenty three fifty eight months.

Here's the time of the shooting matching 23s.

You can also see there's even 9 11 in hours, buffalo pd again reminding y'all they received 1.3 000 likes on its post about the shooting.

13 total was shot here.

It is again as a reminder: 1.3 you.

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