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Express Your Unique Branding with Food Grade Safe Juice Bottles and Closures

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Wholesale Juice Bottles: Plastic and Glass Packaging

Selecting a unique juice bottle size or shape is your first step to stand out from the competition when you’re investing in plastic bottles with caps for drinks. We provide a wide range of wholesale juice bottles, glass or plastic, to suit any beverage. If you’re looking to buy plastic beverage bottles, or need bulk beverage bottles, provides options to purchase custom quantities on an individual basis or with wholesale pricing.

We also offer a full-service packaging solution, with multiple printing options for customized bottle labels. Speak with our packaging solutions experts to learn more and plan your bottle decorating strategy.

One of our most popular options, besides our wildly popular 16oz glass beverage bottles, is our clear plastic juice bottles, which allow customers to see the natural colors of each juice. Our high-quality plastic bottles help catch the attention of consumers, as they can immediately see the quality and texture of your product.

Keep Your Overhead Costs Low

We offer both PET and HDPE juice bottles for easy shipping and distribution. These bottles are lightweight and durable — they’re inexpensive to ship, easy for your customers to carry, and you won’t have to worry about breakage or loss. Of course, they’re 100% recyclable as well.

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Safety is #1

Safety is of the utmost importance for consumers, which is why we have a variety of lids and caps available. Our food-safe bottles can be fitted with a matching cap or tamper-evident closure, which gives your customers peace of mind about the safety of your product.

We have band plug seal caps, tear-away caps, tamper-evident closures, and more. With any of these options, you give your customers the instant assurance they need. They know they can trust that your products are fresh and safe to drink, which is obviously the most important attribute for any beverage.


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How To Bottle Fruit Juice:’s In-Depth Guide

From planting the seed to selling the glass bottle on the grocery store shelf, fruit juice goes through quite the bottling process. As a result, there’s a strong focus on sustainabletypes of packaging for fruit juicethat affects what containers and closures brands choose for their…

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Exciting Glass Bottle Designs Taking Over The Craft Beverage Industry

Finding your footing can feel overwhelming when looking for the perfect glass bottles for your craft beverage brand. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to narrow your focus and choose products that resonate with your customers. Plus, whether you’re interested…

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How Your Small Business Can Maintain Sufficient Packaging Inventory

Packaging inventory management impacts small businesses more than owners may suspect. However, if you don’t have effective inventory packaging strategies or use outdated optimization methods, you could create supply chain bottlenecks that impact your business performance. Depleting your packaging inventory leads to delayed shipments, missed…

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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Product Packages

There are many different elements of product packaging that businesses need to consider. You need to choose what type of packaging material to buy for each of your products, make important decisions about the shape and size of the package, design the label and logo,…

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Environmentally Conscious Packaging: Post Consumer Resin Bottles and Jars continues to take steps towards building a vast library of environmentally conscious packaging through expanding our assortment of recycled Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) bottles, jars, and closures.

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The Impacts of COVID-19 on Supply Chain Issues and the Packaging Industry

The supply chain disruptions due to COVID range from limited packaging materials to slower fulfillment speeds, which means it takes longer for your customers to receive their products. Understanding how these COVID supply chain problems impact you can help you adapt and resume steady operations that help your business thrive.

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Woman Millenial-Owned Food And Beverage Brands That Are Taking Over The Industry

While many legacy brands are still in solid positions in this industry, new products created by young women entrepreneurs claim their fair share of the market. These innovative products create fresh favorite food and beverage brands by the day, so let’s look at five of these companies and the young, successful entrepreneurs behind them.

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Energy Drinks

We live in busy times, and more and more people are looking for energy drinks to give them a productivity boost throughout the day. Choosing the proper energy drink packaging is crucial if you want your beverages to stand out in this increasingly crowded industry.

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Looking Ahead. How Business Have Adapted to the Curve

COVID-19 has caused many U.S. businesses to adapt to uncertain times and operate under the guidance of their local and and federal governments…

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HPP Compliance – What Does HPP Stand For?

High pressure processing, or HPP, is used in cold pressed juice manufacturing as an alternative to hot fill processing. HPP methods keep the fruit and vegetables…

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Proactively Protect Your Juice with Tamper Evident Caps

Consumers today spend a lot of time making sure the food and beverages they buy are safe. Not only do they want to spend their money on high-quality…

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Glass Juice Bottles | Plastic Juice Bottles | (2024)
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