Hi, Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here (2024)

Overview: Unfinished business? Mercury, which is still retrograde, makes its second of three conjunctions with Chiron on Monday and challenges you to find closure before you move forward. Taurus season begins on Friday and lasts until May 20, offering much-needed earth sign energy after the drama of eclipse season. On Saturday, an exciting transit occurs as Jupiter forms a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, potentially changing the way we engage with finances, pleasure, and living our values.

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Happy birthday, Aries! Can you heal through dialogue? Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction helps you have a difficult conversation that can ease some pain. Taurus season begins on Friday, opening up more opportunities for financial success and calm. Saturday’s powerful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction inspires you to live according to your values for incredible success and joy.


You’re almost out of the woods, Taurus. Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction is a powerful time to interrupt a mental habit that’s keeping you disempowered. Then, your birthday season arrives on Friday! May all your wishes come true! Speaking of wishes, make a big one under the life-changing Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your sign on Saturday, which wants to bring you the positive shifts you’re seeking.


Was it malice or mindlessness, Gemini? Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction prompts you to consider a conflict with an open mind. Taurus season begins on Friday, giving you some much-needed downtime before your birthday celebrations kick off. Think about what you want closure from during Saturday's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, because you have a powerful opportunity to let go of almost anything.


What does your heart want, Cancer? Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction helps you acknowledge a professional desire and encourages you to bravely pursue it. Taurus season begins on Friday, providing the socializing and connection to community you’re missing. This goes double for Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, so see gather with your people and let the night unfold!


Live and learn, Leo. Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction helps you apply a key wisdom you’ve acquired, especially around boundaries. When Taurus season begins on Friday, you’ll feel even more ambitious and ready to pursue your career goals. Visualize what you want during Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to help you manifest a professional dream!


What’s your truth, Virgo? Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction helps you share an intimate truth with someone who needs to know your desires. Taurus season begins on Friday and wants to inject some adventure and education into your life. This Saturday, under the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, follow your curiosities and wanderlust to amazing places!


Conflict is inevitable, Libra. Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction strengthens your conflict resolution skills through understanding, not agreement. Taurus season begins on Saturday and helps you take your relationships to deeper places. If there are some intimacy issues you want to clear up, do so under Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which can provide miraculous results!


Small goals only, Scorpio. Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction reminds you that you need to crawl before you can sprint. Set expectations for small goals for wellbeing. Taurus season’s start on Friday begins your most lovey time of the year. Make a romantic wish under Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and see if opposites attract-style chemistry is in the equation.


Vulnerability is a strength, Sag! Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction helps you share what’s on your heart and find bravery and confidence in doing so. Taurus season begins on Friday and wants to strengthen your wellbeing. Think about a new wellness goal you want to initiate under Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and start the consistency to make it happen.


Name it to frame it, Capricorn. Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction inspires you to name an emotion in order to experience it in a healthier way. Taurus season begins on Friday and reminds you that you’re already fundamentally worthy of love, joy, and belonging. Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is an amazing confidence boost that inspires you to take a big risk.


Clear up the miscommunication, Aquarius. Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction wants you to proactively resolve any misunderstandings with others. Taurus season begins on Friday and helps you stabilize. Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction wants your intentions for home, family, and belonging so you can manifest the inner and outer emotional safety you’re seeking.


Are you living up to your values, Pisces? Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction helps you practice what you preach for greater integrity. Taurus season begins on Friday and harmonizes your communications with others. This is especially true under Saturday’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: If there’s a tough conversation you need to have, do it then because you’ll be met with success and understanding.

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Colin Bedell

Colin Bedell

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Hi, Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here (2024)
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