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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel so today, I want to talk about brushes, so one of the biggest struggles.

No, let's start Alana for is for the hang up among brushes for V and he D : worth it by noon.

Brushes in high end or coffee by own brushes man get out now.

Some re seller is not it honey passes one set so today, I will discuss you basic brushes, mihaela and move for one group and then insert a final clips from Polish economy.

It doesn't look a new holiday this year, along with the upon manufacturer, girl, I, don't work in manufacturing and brushes and he lived in home makeup artist.

Mahatma he/she, share casa in Europe is knowledge Nana learned while researching for the right brushes for me, and hopefully it would help you in making the decision don't say brushes now: goostin name young, lady Han, okay, so this will be actually a serious case.

A brushes, madam, isn't about focus, happens and Russians.

So in this video focuses on Hodgins type of brushes touch based on basics and I know you brushes an essential for you and then on the next videos.

Oh, how to tell I know you that, but now between your brushes, what brushes are with the money, etc, etc from panel new Malayalam and the mug and a brush and pollen human element? What's the great fresh cream? Okay, so without further ado, sorry, but I hope in a couple ways, and often on sober I mean it so for my kit and on and I sweat at home.

Sorry, as you think, police in talega, how pair I will try my best to go through this video, 9, Indian and haha detox, and so without further ado.

Let's go ahead and get started so you know item in pop ahead and say you know it's not technically a brush better.

You use it for makeup application and alumina.

The teeth and so Beautyblender atomically help sign Jana is spread.

Your foundation concealer con cream, contour I, think highlight them by their.

So anything a liquid nylon in your mug spread homeless man mother day at all got a meeting you, so this product actually take a meeting.

Moshe Google semana you marathon, thick product liquid produced enormous modeling, is spread.

You knew you in half purpose yeah now SMS, it all is supplying damnit on foundation.

Soil is more for building hey.

So, let's start with synthetic versus natural hair brushes, so synthetic brushes are cotyledon Gannett on brush na condition natural hair or is Alicia animal hair, Madame de mañana para Sean.

If every human and alien materials in alençon me popular and mean I'll on the couch, if I want our Geeta some material Niko, this is a super buffer brush.

So you should be synthetic brushes in a gamma, chopper, liquid or cream.

Usually so eternal man, there's no rules in me, pero UN purpose, yeah, no genome Asha is 14 and predict with products.

So I'll motion well a whole face.

Brush now, I know Punk, not natural, so I thought I knew it on an acquittal white goop hair it da moneh zoeva brush my brushes nila.

So these brushes are for powders.

Okay, I usually for ice in a gamete.

It's natural that hair but I, say cilia not be picked up.

You in ha cuticles, no hair.

You! You need to pick up non powder, so he did mo puddings in your you inning than your party.

Not no tenían! You follow the iminium brush.

Danza eyeshadow muster I mean a pea pick up it on brush noggin.

It oppresses again it'll - a toy owns a set now would would set that I would never be Billy Moore, some sappy Union Aliexpress, and then it on because before this is a silly well brush.

So technically must my hell: unnatural brush the headsman regarding shock, some animals in master shots and II thought case.

A must must produce synthetic brushes now who the use to you ID and natural hair in between your brushes mop chaos.

Again it all.

Parents are vanilla, UV, sword, Muhammad, ibn, Umar squirrel me an economist, Berlin hair in my huh Komodo shit-covered owner brushes.

He didn't know you peanut sauce now brush nama, not hanging your.

So you are a own thing.


High wind goes.

My boots were my ebong animals.

Doing some brush now use my animals name is very rare and then had me, you brushes yeah yeah.

That's my headshot machine.

You need the ligase mass-produced.

So most of Aramis is in most water, Syria, okay, Sosa foundation brush so foundation brush the saltines most long-acting foundations is liquid, gaya I'm getting a because canítö buffer brush I can also use the atomic brush where Alan Koh Ito is more on spreading.

So he slide around ma sha.

That was a Hindi Schaffer.

Building for building that is minute on brush in buffer brush, since extra do have.

Oh I need more coverage: K a buffer brush, now I'm getting a me Oh, Pharaoh predicament and ganito.

If konradin I should finish, you gusto mo issues here out yeah, you know foundation motive, anything in Volusia butter, sauce non barbecue, Union Union, which are the actually waiting for the me instead mission, and then you can use the wiki blender para much station and skin more so you're usually dress.

Even the angle, Kimiko say: a toe police in Carson was Christopher.

Normally the stadium foundations, Facebook Thank You, someone Emily stable conditions at a small, so I turned in a guy made press a para: that's any stamped more young foundation, surface! Okay! So next brush is a tone powder brush it.

So technically this is a synthetic brush, wahdahu natural hearing us powder brush just because I'm high yeah she's, a weaver Marron in a pan of a pollution who need very smart of you.

Sheep casino found us London veto, any shame ganito into you're, only gonna powder brush in a natural.

So if every my recommendation, I'm Russian amass, affordable and I'm going to shape, he said we know in the public sector.

So if talking again with Co new powder is deep kosha and the swirls real surgeon.

Yet, but I indian act, kick your foundation union, like a whole network sign had in the cultures.

If I see you in violin Paul in his stamp Neela potato powder, the hey you doing a we had Sunnyland, what's wrong with Sandy kosher Kolkata on tech, firm initiative, work, nectar, cakey Omaha, also in a colonies, Panasonic Rebecca, Howe detour, don't want a in his super tagging and then police type of content on.

You know how there is real question afterwards in the iguana meringue powder it had vitiligo some wanna say then he kicked.

Allegations happened so super easy algorithm that we as link Eva pero, you know know what works I really put in a whole variety, never website.

Okay! So next brush is this eyebrow brush.

It was here for four means liquids.

Just by selecting your hapa Cagayan synthetic crush for liquid shock, so I thought I am favorite product offered brows is this brow gel from bu is, can say, Nagumo halal natural you coupling on here, if that makes sense, casts a fall, find you, which is what happened? No pencil nah, you didn't know we Machado Mattapan philosophy, and then you brow, powders, Michele and among shamshir palace I mean it's good.

A better I talking you in Hannah works happen, lose a browser beautiful you, don't be kind of works and Prada and the same article edenia, my own boss, so I bought this unique space, Awards yeah and then I've been using it ever since the discussion that militant and jalapeno una is banging me and Draya tapas holla, Homer, I'm, Hilah and Moon cotyledons eyeliner gel so and time ago you know what that they ended up.

An Athenian figure out canal funding continue on get Mulan, Shang Ganga, then so sham Plato Anisha idea.

But, as a word say what a girl Banco vomit opposed pero hemos, visto padishah through Paris.

Ah, hey perro, you Eva, she promised gusto Nina is in my beliefs and even drawing London, yet opposed any way at all young help, but my drop on Elias.

We see it was sharp manga, so very precise.

You know, kaha drove on them, I know and then paddle strands 9.

Here you didn't grow inconvenient, Indian, the a whole new drawing and provenance in Asia and a parallelogram brow, nut-brown hare souls pinion so find out paraffin again sketched on browse okay.

So anyway, marijuana ganito, then yep brow brush any toy.

This is a brush from Bobbi, Brown must dance.

And then, if the filippova say it's natural, Alicia press, a couple, guinea pissant onions about the company pick up near, have no route, so I told in again make crucial for for powder, meaning I'm favorite calm.

Brow powder is from NYX Federalist on you, and where do you should in a getting article for powders? Okay, Oh? Actually the it'll eat a banana mousse, only unigram a coupon brush down.

Here we stopped on the meeting pair of Maryland a little bone rush.

I have seen a sense of confidence of bristles yeah Machado, significant shutter Sundance para opinion Damian for the presidential paraphilia Massey talking in German, move Machado un product and under NASA brow, so yeah options for you for brows middleman, disposable, a little understand room, key necks are eyeshadow brushes, so eyeshadow brushes, I measure, my heat up, cuz.

It will go ahead and oops not golden, and then you talk kina and you know different brushes.

Usually two sides would be enough: pero, para Sahai, janaina and concept.

So whomever convenience is non.

Brushes somehow male hey for transition, Indian I told Paula Galen on color, and then it opened in a union in buff out no matter how many come to you.

Color switch wedding in you know this radium: brush nagito, but a mobile I own pal, there's no Munna whole or, and then you know it's about a new Hainan.

Only Hmong I brushes now for blending Busan engineer by Banco de you can just use one brush, Bangla guy and then it'll blend pending.

You move the meeting your career switch monotonically.

That was in the new next column.

The same premise convenient.

If you are a makeup artist, that's convenient that I got you Marama can brush Casey Mathematica on Cerrillos really is an I/o.

My gentleman caller brush more sauvignon Agana an Indian millena tagging, an incognito.

If you have different brushes Pentagon of Mona Lisa and then no man, so Union wanna different, not wedding preference and again, okay, so I brushes.

So you telling us in a pickle our national heritage, National hair brushes.

These are these: are white goat, hair, brushes, Kuniko fan animal here brush, but EKU mock-up, not a second.

At all, these are good as well it on a beautiful opposite of being sons.

Metric is you store in on Mondays, we debated in at all individually, and you said time - okay, so a phone next is human blush brush, so - brush.

Then it on shape, shot.

Usually I see.

You have me a unit on part, new apples and small.

You know learn a pattern here: pea-green a new shape, yeah, usually I, know me importa honor, given it to you ship number, personal apparel, you abandon brands.

Can you talk like a u-shape yeah like this one, hello girl at the door now I see you use a bamboo said: Lana blush brush shiny, so it only been her blush brush now and his daughter, Asha 400, I, say and ncands a geek nap, Akita Nuno best maraming bow hope toward it wasn't get na kissing, though it almost blew hot hot shot, so it all for blending, Union, aluminum, blush and then blend, and then yet you said Union and in a bra at all for contour next time, not in a discussion loosening your now majora at all, I recommend go determine fellows, dedicate overlap natural here, a face brush, so unique Omaha companions in yoga no parameter P pick up non-natural here in a blush brush purchase versus well a comparison, America say in your no natural here in a blush brush Versalles.

You know it won't synthetic hair, so it was in that dick.

Then this is from the DL - brush - Nina, see you cheap, shot.

Paramus maraming before see the Weaver, so this is Weaver.

This is Molly.

Messner I, don't want a little brush at all.

Is I an Nemean next shed Shia in the numbing before landing? Stick out, you know the pick.

Cooper and I don't see muscle Mayumi, then.

Finally, by you do long hairs notice become bigger.

Next I thought.

Actually this is a blush brush from elf cosmetics so make it not one you toss in department stores when SM marentina available numbering removal.

So this is synthetic Mullen bottom and shall brush and Bellinis for a convenient hidden dimensions of -.

But anyway, she's gonna commit free blush in agami, koshari highlighting and TCU mana highlights.

New Gustavo is very sheer and most of all not a good option for the English.

A super melayu banana coffee come on ahora para on traffic light, your sherry blown pero, el amor highlighter, so it only nagamma co highlighter is the essence, be renewed, the highlighter, very sheer cocido so beginning and go and then swatch it on your bar and unum and bath.

So very Andalusia Michigan on Cullotta, very Thome contain wanting build a plant pot.

It'll be no mercy, dance, I, even brush didn't go up or you excitement Ito giant push on in a lap back.

Nothing in this world cushion again Israel he's like too convenient indian cha-cha-cha a vignette and then my controller hopping gonna hire me so on re epub, community nyan softly in the Manhattan who lie - onion.

So next sheet naming names, oh and then the nose not want a for.

The young super highlight veto and then highlights a Cupid's bow.

You could introduce nicotine gusto, yo super, highlights our nose and highlights and lips so ya, know Vanessa and when you measure reflective lunch or want a video I'm, not there alternative for is bad and you know gamut codeine.

Is it don't rush? None of the topo from cos.

I think Co see you in band coz brush don't brush at all.

This is her big old Machado Jean qualify for blending for me, shadow muhabba in bristles yeah, soon, Ishikawa, no Pentagon, jeanikins, afonya, so Angie amico is fun, highlight in agony, emotion in satin and insignia, but um build-up.

You know um highlight, although must prefer call young elf brush, okay, so memory bank brushes like increments the next video Alabama's overwhelming brushes as a puppy, so he picked on kasha in different parts.

Quite a huge shadow, overwhelming fighters in your zone, next I will talk about other brushes and then you, it's puffing brushes and then go sand in your bedding bill.

Hey young brushes and find a new man, a man with the money you brush and I, get on.

You know if you're in the store I know buying that, but we knew Hannah pins is a new brush who inspector Shannon if ever need to give a brush.

That's a story shot! That's in high camo in Panama Vimala lemon over the money Englishman brush, so you knew my bump up its na e covering events uh next video.

So hey any comments or suggestions.

Please leave it in the comments down below.

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If you haven't and I will see you in my next video.


How many brushes do you need for a full face of makeup? ›

I am sharing the only brushes you need for a full face of makeup. It is not as many as you would think. You truly only need a 3-4 brushes if you are a beginner – a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, eyeliner brush and a blush/powder bronzer brush. That's it!!!

How do you use Zote soap for makeup brushes? ›

All you really need to do is wet your makeup brush, and grab the chunky Zote Soap bar. Then, start rubbing your makeup brush in a circular motion on the soap bar itself. You'll see it start foaming or bubbling up. Continue doing so until your makeup brush is clean or free from any dirt and residue.

How many sets of makeup brushes should I have? ›

Generally speaking, you want your professional makeup brush set to include every single brush you'll need to work your magic! However, you should also have a makeup brushes kit of important makeup brushes with at least six or seven brushes in it.

Can you use isopropyl alcohol to clean makeup brushes? ›

The Isopropyl Alcohol is great for cleansing them so you can use them like they're brand new. In some cases, you may need to thorough wash the brushes, especially if they have not been cleaned for a long period of time.

Do more expensive makeup brushes make a difference? ›

Not all brushes are made the same, and you'll see the difference in the results of your makeup. Cheap brushes are typically made with cheap materials, whereas more expensive counterparts typically have better craftsmanship. This difference is particularly relevant in the quality of the bristles.

Is it good to use Dawn soap on your makeup brushes? ›

A gentle soap, gentle shampoo, or makeup brush cleanser. “Good ole Dawn or any dish soap is hard to beat, and is definitely cheaper than most brush-specific shampoos. They cut down on grease and oil-based makeup, as well as powder products,” says Alex Levy.

Can you soak makeup brushes in Dawn? ›

Fill a small bowl with warm water and a few drops of blue Dawn® dish soap. Swirl your brush bristles in the solution, taking care to not get the handle and ferrule soaking wet. Gently massage the bristles with a silicon pad or your hand and watch the gunk magically release.

Which brush to use for concealer? ›

Flat-top concealer brush: Mineral and powder concealers can be applied with a flat-top concealer brush. This tool helps to quickly dab product onto the skin for a seamless blend. It also works for setting liquid and cream concealers with powder, making it a true multi-functional pick!

How long do expensive makeup brushes last? ›

However, many need replacement every three to five years. Routinely cleaning your makeup brushes can help them last longer, so aim for once-weekly washing to keep them in tip-top shape.

What should you not clean makeup brushes with? ›

First, avoid using something potent like sulfate-based dish soap. "Regular soap can dry out brushes made of natural hair," King said.

How do makeup artists sanitize their brushes? ›

(If you're a pro makeup artist, you should be disinfecting your brushes in between each use.) You can do this by spraying the alcohol directly onto the bristles, removing it with a paper towel. Remember to wipe brush handles as well and be mindful when using alcohol as many brushes carry natural brush hairs.

Does hydrogen peroxide clean makeup brushes? ›

Cleaning makeup brushes with hydrogen peroxide is an effective and affordable way to sanitize and clean your brushes. It effectively kills bacteria and removes impurities from the brushes, which helps to prevent breakouts and maintain the quality of the brushes.

What is needed for a full face of makeup? ›

What Is Needed For A Full-Face Makeup?
  • Foundation.
  • Concealer.
  • Bronzer.
  • Eyeliner.
  • Mascara.
  • Neutral Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Brow Pencil.
  • Lipstick.

How to do a full face of makeup in order? ›

The Correct Order To Apply Makeup Products
  1. Step 1: Primer & Color Corrector. ...
  2. Step 2: Foundation. ...
  3. Step 3: Concealer. ...
  4. Step 4: Blush, Bronzer, & Highlighter. ...
  5. Step 5: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, & Mascara. ...
  6. Step 6: Eyebrows. ...
  7. Step 7: Lips. ...
  8. Step 8: Setting Spray or Powder.
Jun 25, 2019

How much makeup is a full face? ›

In length, there would be: Concealer, foundation, powder highlighter, blush, contour powder, brow pencil, brow gel, eyeliner, eyeshadow (like 3–5), 2 eyeliners (one for smoke effect, one liquid black waterproof liner), mascara, lip liner, lipstick, mascara, and setting spray. For extra effort lashes and lash glue.

How many brushes do you need for eye makeup? ›

You don't need two, but two or three will really perfect your eye makeup look. Otis Batterbee brush bristles are made with soft and gentle synthetic fibers that are perfect for applying both powder and cream eye shadows.

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