Who Is Our Creator? David Icke Exposes The Simulation Architect | ROSE/ICKE 7: The Trap (2023)


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David Icke is an English conspiracy theorist and a former footballer and sports broadcaster. He has written over 20 books, self-published since the mid-1990s, and spoken in more than 25 countries.

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This simulation um is not confined to this level that we call the human world, but there are other levels of it which we call the spirit world and what? If, when people leave the body if they are not at a state of awareness, what the eastern religions would call enlightenment to be vibrating to a frequency which comes from your perceptional state to get out of the frequency bubble that this simulation is on all its different levels.

Well, how about you just go back into the cycle and you keep recycling not actually onto a billionth of a pinhead but from one, although it just appears like that, but you're actually reincarnating from other levels of the simulation into this level of the simulation, and it just goes on and on and on, and what, if? Just as people are bewildered by what the hell? This world is and what's happening, that when you leave the body, if you've not reached a certain level of awareness of what the hell's going on, which is what the book's all about then you're bewildered in another way, and you believe, just as you believe, you're here.

For this reason that reason or you're here to learn lessons or whatever you believe outside of this still in the simulation, you believe that you have to keep coming back here to learn lessons to get out of the cycle and it's.

It was interesting to me that when you look at um ancient cultures and cultural beliefs, they do believe in this cycular movement in and out of this reality and there's a very old esoteric concept of what they call the ring pass knot.

The ring pass knot is perceived to be a limit symbolize it as the the outer rim of a bubble that, if you're not in a certain vibrational state, I.e state of awareness, which is why they relate enlightenment.

To getting out of here, then you can't get through the ring past, not other beliefs and religious beliefs.

Talk about the auroboris, which is the snake eating its own tail, which is symbolic of this limit.

This ring past not, and so it beca becomes clear to me that the trap is much bigger than just the manipulation of this reality that we call the human world goes beyond that.

Well beyond that, so you um, you come into this world to learn lessons, but what happens you suffer from emotional and mental traumas and challenges.

It pulls you into depression into anxiety into fear.

The four-letter word that controls the world and it actually controls the simulation in all its forms, and you leave the body overwhelmingly in a low vibrational state.

So you don't get out of here.

The idea is that you keep control of perception, I.e frequency to the point where no one gets out of here and you know there are.

There- are traps um everywhere, like there's the trap of yeah, it's about reincarnation and learning lessons.

It's a freaking trap.

It's not about learning lessons.

We don't have to learn lessons.

We are all that all that is has been and ever can be.

We don't have to learn lessons to stop incarnating on a billionth of a pinhead or into this level of the simulation.

Whichever you choose to symbolize it as um, we can reach our own state of enlightenment just by the realization of who we are, and if you look at when you come into this reality, the human world.

What are they telling you from cradle to grave to self-identify yourself with the body and the labels of a human life? They're saying you are a man, you are a woman.

You are something in between.


Are this sexuality? You are that race.

You are this religion, you're, that income bracket all these labels, that's who you are, and if you perceive yourself in those incredibly limited terms because they're not who we are, they are experiences that who we are consciousness is briefly having in a human life.

But if you self-identify, with those labels, you're self-identifying with limitation, when you self-identify with limitation, you, your your sense of limitation, becomes expressed vibrationally in a low vibrational state, which means when you leave this reality, this human reality you're in a vibrational state that stays in the cycle, stays in the cycle round and round and round.

It goes, and you know um, the other part of the the trap is: where did the simulation come from? And I've been writing about this for uh, quite a while um as rich taril at nasa said if this simulates this simulation, which he believes it is who the hell created it, and- and this brings us to to that question I posed earlier- why can't we see that which is manipulating us in a non-human form? As I say, it is well because we can only see this tiny, narrow band of frequency called visible light and the force that is manipulating human society.

Controlling the simulation actually created the simulation to enslave us by enslaving.

Our perception what the simulation is.

Enslavement of perception is operating outside the band of frequency that we can see and if we call this reality, the third dimension keep it simple and a higher or another level of frequency high enough for us not to be able to see it.

The um.

The fourth dimension, is what spiritual people call the astral dimension or the astral plane.

When people talk about astral traveling, it's actually traveling with the mind, because the fourth dimension, the astral dimension, is the dimension of mind and it's from there that this reality is manipulated, controlled and orchestrated from.

And if you look at you know, you talk to people about other dimensions, even if they accept that that's real, they perceive other dimensions to be way out there.

Oh, my god, they're way out there, these other dimensions.

Well, some of them are some of them in frequency terms, are so far from the frequency band that we're operating in it's just ridiculous.

How far away they are, but other dimensions like this astral dimension, the lower level of it, the lower frequency level of it actually is fusing into this.

It bleeds into this reality and if you look at what how they describe the lower levels of the astral plane, the fourth dimension, what they call the lower astral and you you talk to people in in different ancient cultures.

You talk to people in the spiritual movements of today, they'll say: that's the place where the demons are.

That's the place where the demonic consciousness is that's.

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