Your Daily FoodScope for April 19, 2024 - (2024)

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


You're a true culture vulture, always up on what's hip and trendy. But the skimpy portions served at chic new Asian fusions bistros will appall even you. So skip the politically incorrect foie gras in favor of the hot roast beef and mashers Blue Plate special at a 50s-style diner. Retro is the original hip.


New blessings are coming tonight, you'll see -- you just don't know when. You'll tremble with nervous anticipation and almost lose hope, but eventually the bell will ring, and you'll finally come face to face with a thick-crust double-cheese pizza with extra garlic.


You'll express deep feelings to someone special today. Alas, you two won't be on the same wavelength. This unexpected turn could put you in a tailspin. But don't bury your misery in fattening foods. A healthy grilled ahi dinner could be a valuable metaphor today, as there are plenty of fish in the sea.


You'll be a like a simmering pot of water today, just ready to boil over at any given moment. Unfortunately, a cooling trend doesn't appear to be on the horizon until at least after work. That's when you can use a different kind of boiling water to cook pasta for a fettuccine Alfredo feast with lots of -- ahem -- crab.

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You have a talent for turning the most mundane of occasions into a wild rumpus. And so it will be today at another boring office-catered lunch. Your dazzling personality and stimulating conversation could keep coworkers from realizing they're eating the same ham and cheese on focaccia the company brings in every week.


A big breakfast will give you the energy and drive to get to half time, but will that be enough for the long haul? You could be benched in the second half if you run out of gas. An Asian-influenced chicken pasta salad will fill you up and give you the extra push you need to get into the end zone.


It's impossible to tell if the new day will be good or bad, but there are ways to skew it in a positive direction. Starting off with a mushroom and spinach omelet, whole-grain toast and grapefruit juice will give you the energy to make it a good one. And even if it's bad you'll still have the energy to push you through until quitting time.


Accidents will happen today, but take the proper precautions and maybe you can prevent fate. Keeping yourself out of harm's way may mean staying out of the kitchen. Sushi may be a safer dinner choice. It won't burn the roof of your mouth and you don't need dangerous metal utensils.


You'll feel a powerful alpha energy today, as if you're top dog. Being at the apex of the food chain will intimidate others, making it easier to get the things you want. So don't be afraid to bark out your orders, and if that bagel doesn't have the perfect amount of garlic schmear, make your displeasure known to the flunky who bought it for you.


Given the many temptations out there, it's up to you to make sure your family adheres to a healthy diet. Pack fun and nutritious lunches, such as tuna or grilled chicken in pita pockets, fruit, yogurt and trail mix. They may trade them for pizza slices once they're in the lunchroom, but at least you did your part.


You may have seen some disturbing eating patterns emerge as you race through your busy lifestyle. You may have traded style for substance, and all those creamy, greasy lunches may be doing a number on your waistline. It's okay to eat out, just go for the thin soups, salads and grilled chicken or salmon sandwiches, sans mayo, of course.


You'll feel ambiguous about attending a dinner party tonight. A part of you will blanch at the prospect of breaking bread with some of the guests you don't like. But a bigger, stronger part won't be able to pass up flounder stuffed with crab and a nice Napa Valley chardonnay. Good luck with this classic tug-of-war between mind and stomach.

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Your Daily FoodScope for April 19, 2024 - (2024)
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